California is on the verge of becoming the second state to call for a constitutional amendment banning corporate personhood and getting money out of politics. Before voting to move forward Resolution AJR1, the Senate Judiciary Committee encountered something legislatures throughout the nation are about to get a taste of: The Wolf Pac— ordinary Americans who are tired of politicians putting money first. Led by Director of Organizing of Wolf Pac Mike Monneta and Wolf Pac California Director Alison Hartson, the group made their position known in no uncertain terms: Get. Money. Out. The resolution decisively passed.

This is only one step of many and we need your help. Join us. Join this fight. Get up, get loud and get money out of politics.

Your country needs you.

SUPPORT the 28th Amendment to #GetMoneyOut http://www.wolf-pac.com/petition?=tyt13gmo.

CLICK here to support Wolf PAC: http://www.wolf-pac.com/wolf_pac_membership_recurring_payment?=tyt13mswp

25 Comments on “Politics”

  1. Giuseppe Baccari says:

    First ?

  2. Ragnarok Incorporated says:

    Alaska is the largest state Cenk :P?

  3. Sethalos says:

    I’d like to know why those two voted NO. What was their reasoning for that

  4. doxide says:


  5. Listenbuddy1 says:

    California will still spend it’s way to oblivion.?

  6. blognewb says:

    I wanna cry…?

  7. Eric Cartman says:

    Can someone under 18 help in any way??

  8. Will C says:

    Wolf Pac= Too Weak. Cenk is a gullible moron. They will achieve nothing
    substantial, what a self congratulatory cluster &*%$, leading good people
    down a political dead end.?

  9. surrealnumber says:

    sadly i cant support wolf pack as they only look to remove corporations and
    not unions and other faceless political organizations. unbalancing a battle
    between evils is not the same as removing evil.?

  10. Prince Terry says:

    I’ll be there for Texas ?

  11. YawnGod says:

    Who were those cunt fuckers who said “no”?

    For fucking Allah’s sake.?

  12. Sitha Puth says:

    history in the making…?

  13. Brit Stormy says:

    I am so proud of you all that are a part of Wolf-Pac, & especially the ones
    in USA that are pushing for legislation & showing up to these hearings. You
    are freakin’ political heroes and when everything changes for the better,
    you will be forever etched in history as part of a true revolution. You
    guys are “Too Strong”!?

  14. rfrankh53 says:

    Fix your website liquid error under volunteer… Can not access Washington

  15. Christian Dauz says:

    If the Wolf-Pac amendment is passed, how long ’till someone tries to pass
    another amendment to nullify it the same way with alcohol??

  16. Karl Slicher says:

    There is no money in politics anymore, from what TYT’s other videos say.?

  17. NubianTribesman says:

    Good job, good job.?

  18. Censtudios says:

    Lol I just noticed… The wolfpac logo is the same as my guild’s logo….
    Exact same shape (same wolf, same moon, same rock) just different colors.

    Where did you get it from? (Or where did they…)?

  19. stretchyrubberbands says:


  20. ltsMeSB says:

    Who the FUCK voted “no”?!??

  21. Innov1994 says:

    Issa wont let that happen lol?

  22. Coffeeisnecessarynow says:


  23. DrH5N1 says:

    AT LAST !!!! Great work thank you . ?

  24. The2005rwb says:

    But what if I want MORE money in politics??

  25. Amber Hulsey says:

    I love you wolf pac XD?

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