John F. Kennedy

This 1964 documentary, narrated by Cliff Robertson, paints an intimate portrait of President Kennedy during his all-too-brief 46-year life.

What makes this program a little more special than other similar documentaries (IMO) is the fact that it was made very shortly after JFK’s death, which occurred in November 1963. The very good music score by David Rose is also an asset.

Author Jim Bishop, who wrote two books about JFK, makes an appearance near the end of this film to talk about some of his personal experiences with President Kennedy. Bishop’s commentary provides a touching climax to this very good documentary.

The original title of this film is simply “JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY”.

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James Madison

Watch a short biography video on James Madison, the fourth President of the United States and the “Father of the Constitution.”
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James Madison drafted the U.S. Constitution and sponsored the Bill of Rights, earning him the nickname “Father of the Constitution.”

Thomas Jefferson

In which John Green teaches you about founding father and third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson is a somewhat controversial figure in American history, largely because he, like pretty much all humans, was a big bundle of contradictions. Jefferson was a slave-owner who couldn’t decide if he liked slavery. He advocated for small government, but expanded federal power more than either of his presidential predecessor. He also idealized the independent farmer and demonized manufacturing, but put policies in place that would expand industrial production in the US. Controversy may ensue as we try to deviate a bit from the standard hagiography/slander story that usually told about old TJ. John explores Jefferson’s election, his policies, and some of the new nation’s (literally and figuratively) formative events that took place during Jefferson’s presidency. In addition to all this, Napoleon drops in to sell Louisiana, John Marshall sets the course of the Supreme Court, and John Adams gets called a tiny tyrant.

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Theodore Roosevelt

George Washington

The discovery of the ruins of George Washington’s childhood home reveals the man behind the myth. Expedition Week :

Bloombergville First General Assembly 6/16/2011


The City Council voted against The People, 49 to 1, and we did not remain silent

Interview with Yotam Marom, a lead organizer of “Bloombergville”

Bloombergville Bash