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We stand with all those struggling against austerity around the world.

We are in active solidarity with those refusing any and all cuts when solutions to deficits are clearly available.  The solution demands a reorientation of the fundamental priorities of our countries.  We reject our money going to war, tax breaks for the rich, and subsides to banks.

No library should close.  No teacher or worker laid off.  No tuition raised.  No fire station closed.  No unaffordable housing.  And no social services ended.

By increasing taxes on the wealthy and ending the wars and occupations the US engages in, we could help those most affected by the budget cuts: working people, people of color, women, students, the homeless, among others.  The solution is clear, and will only come from collective struggle.

Bloombergville is an encampment to intensify and strengthen the struggle against austerity in New York City.  It is a site of struggle and a community of resistance.  We have drawn our inspiration from similar actions around the world, and we hope to inspire others.

We are the supporters and participants of Bloombergville.

Noam Chomsky (MIT)
Arun Grupta (Indypendent)
Michael Albert
 (Z Media)
Stanley Aronowitz (CUNY Graduate Center)
Frances Fox Piven (CUNY Graduate Center)
Kevin Zeese
Chris Landry (Vancouver mortgage broker)
Sara Burke (SI4RBS organizer)
Mark Bergfeld (Education Activist Network)
Christopher Rude (Union for Radical Political Economics Steering Committee)
David Harvey (CUNY Graduate Center)
Mimi Abramovitz (Hunter College School of Social Work, CUNY)
Councilman Charles Barron (New York City Council)
Dr. Robert Thompson (Vancouver plastic surgeon)
M. Ndigo Washington (The Healing Drum Collective)
Fifth Avenue Committee 
Education Activist Network

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