Introducing new my series: Winners and Losers. In this first episode, I look the countries of the world.

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25 Comments on “Countries”

  1. Utrecht834 says:

    But Serbia reformed into present day Serbia from Serbia and Montenegro in

  2. Tubehauge says:

    winners and losers? would you say china is a winner? overpopulated shit
    country :/?

  3. Horus644 says:

    Hey WY, I really like your videos!
    Would you tell me what Program you’re using as editin software? I’m really
    interested in animating things like this.?

  4. Akin Khoo says:

    2 pope per kilometer… wow the pope puns…?

  5. SantaFe19484 says:

    Israel should be up there on the list of the oldest countries.?

  6. Andreas George Skinner says:

    Greece is older than Egypt and Persia.?

  7. Boris Hiddema says:

    i hate your accent, where are youu from??

  8. Jimmie Rustles says:

    And sadly, with recent events in Ukraine, and the Crimea in particular,
    that map of Russia seems to have already been made outdated.?

  9. MineKynoMine says:

    with land area I’m pretty sure that Australia is bigger than the USA?

  10. Lennart Plugge says:

    I still fail to see how a country wins or loses based on these numbers??

  11. andrew ware says:

    Now top 3 most free countries in the world:
    1. U.S.A.
    2. U.S.A.
    3. U.S.A.?

  12. Phantomgaming1000 says:

    India needs to fuckin stop..?

  13. Gamerpark555 says:

    Sealand is the smallest country!?

  14. Omiseer says:

    Russia is a dwarf planet :DD?

  15. Luka Nenadovic says:

    Listen mate Kosovo is not a country let me explain this to you:
    Many Albanians live in Kosovo dealing drugs so they have a lot of money
    they pay the US to say Kosovo is a country but this is how it is 2/3 say
    its a country but 1/3 say its not so when you say Kosovo is a country your
    saying something 86 countries in the world say is wrong!?

  16. MutatedWhale6 says:

    Isn’t Sakhalin part of Russia and not Japan??

  17. dilegentelectron says:

    what accent is this? ?

  18. dangerouslytalented says:

    … and Russia is slicing off parts of all its neighbors, one by one, so
    it’s getting bigger, even with its economy still tanked.?

  19. JustSok says:

    Your channel is really awesome. As a number-phile… all the stats you
    gave… I love it! You’ve got a new sub! ?

  20. Nikos Marg says:

    there is NOT makedonia…that is F.Y.R.O.M….

  21. Rémi Constant says:

    Where is this guy from ? I can’t see which accent he has :3?

  22. Adam Kenigsberg says:

    Guess which line in this video had me audibly laughing.?

  23. thefiremaster112 says:

    Wait a sec,Is vatican city not a city??

  24. Nightworld115 says:

    Technically, Japan IS the oldest countries, because the people there live
    longer than any other countrie’s citizens. And South Sudan has the highest
    birth rate of any country, so it IS technically the newest country! Wow!?

  25. MrSpeedyD3 says:

    Can’t wait for what is the oldest country in the world?

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