Interview with Yotam Marom, a lead organizer of “Bloombergville”

Bloombergville Bash

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The Indypendent:  Bloombergville 13 Released, Reflect on a Night in Jail 

“The 13 protesters arrested Tuesday for blockading the entrance to an office building in which City Council members were making final preparations to approve a city budget laden with budget cuts were freed Wednesday evening.” 

Democracy Now!:  New York City: 13 Activists Arrested In “Bloombergville” Budget Cut Protest 

“In New York City, 13 members of the group, New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts, were arrested Tuesday for barricading themselves in the lobby of the City Council to prevent a vote on a compromise budget deal. The activists have slept outside of City Hall for two weeks at a camp they called “Bloombergville,” in protest of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s budget proposal, which would have cut 6,100 teachers and made deep cuts to education spending and other social services.”



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Rhodes Pictures: “Bloombergvillle Direct Action at the New York City Council” By Messiah Rhodes

Peoples Video: Activists from Bloombergville resist the budget cuts

People’s Video Network: “Children’s March and Arrests-NYC Council Budget Deal-Banks Got Bailed Out-People Got Sold Out-Struggle Continues”

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Truth-out — New Yorkers Occupy Streets to Protest Budget Cuts

Elizabeth Whitman, Inter Press Service –

They have taken over a strip of the sidewalk at Park Place and Broadway, handing out flyers to passersby and taping posters to the ground and to the metal crossbars of the scaffolding that shelters them from the rain.

They sleep here too, on the sidewalk, and hold assembly meetings twice daily for people to raise concerns and plan events. Their bottom line: no budget cuts.

Calling their takeover and sleep-in Bloombergville – an allusion to the infamous shanty towns known as Hoovervilles that sprung up during the Great Depression – they are New Yorkers Against the Budget Cuts (NYABC), a coalition of different groups and individuals united by their opposition to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed budget for next year and their determination to press the City Council not to adopt it.

Democracy Now! — Welcome to Bloombergville (video)

Democracy Now! – Welcome to Bloombergville: New York Activists Fight Budget Cuts by Camping in Front of City Hall

In New York City, members of the group New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts are camping out near City Hall to protest budget cuts and layoffs. Activists have dubbed the encampment “Bloombergville,” named after the city’s mayor Michael Bloomberg and “Hooverville,” the popular name for the shanty towns for the homeless during the Great Depression. Democracy Now’s Jaisal Noor filed this report…

“It is the longest-running protest encampment in the city for years.”  – a 6 minute video report

Democracy Now! – New Yorkers Camp Out to Protest Bloomberg Budget Cuts

“In New York City, members of the group New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts are continuing to camp out near City Hall to protest the administration of Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Today marks the start of the second week at the “Bloombergville” encampment.”

El Mundo (Spain) — Los ‘indignados’ de Nueva York

June 21–

Son pocos, pero montan cada vez más bulla. Están desparramos con sus sacos de dormir y sus pancartas entre un laberinto de andamios, en la esquina de Broadway con Murray Street. Hacen sonar el tambor ante el desfile de paseantes y la mirada escéptica de decenas de policías. Corean consginas como “¡Queremos Justicia!”, “¡Más profesores, menos guerras!” o “¡Solidaridad con Grecia y España!”


A story on Bloombergville from the website of one of Spain’s major daily newspapers.

English Translation:

They are few, but make more and more noise. They are scattered around with their sleeping bags and placards in a maze of scaffolding at the corner of Broadway and Murray Street. They sound the drum in front of the parade of strollers and the skeptical gaze of dozens of policemen. They chant slogans like ”We want justice!” “More teachers, fewer wars!” or “Solidarity with Greece and Spain!”

They are the “Outraged” (“Indignados”) of New York, camped across from City Hall and in a place they have christened “Bloombergville,” after the billionaire mayor and his billions of budget cuts …

“Here we are not only angry but also indebted,” attests Lucas Vasquez , 17, a high school student. ”They close the doors on us when we look for work, and our studies are more and more expensive. Now they want to cut 6,000 teachers: this is the beginning of the end of public education.”

“What is happening here and what is happening in Greece and Spain is beginning to look a lot like what happened in Argentina,” complains Lucas, with his Buenos Aires accent. ”And the cause is always the same: politicians do the bidding of corporations and forget the needs of the people.”

Today is the first week “birthday” of the creation of Bloombergville, and to celebrate there is spinach pie and Greek pastries in honor of the students and workers in the trenches of Athens. Sooner or later there will be potato omelette and sangria, to the health of the “Indignados” in Puerta del Sol.

Cesar Arenas, a professor at City University of New York (CUNY), is building the first bridges between Bloombergville and Democracia Real Ya! (Real Democracy Now!) … ”It’s harder to mobilize here, but leftist groups have a very interesting organizing experience. Despite the differences in the movements, there are many affinities.”

Emily Turonis, of New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts, was in the Puerta del Sol and wanted to keep the flame alive and well on her return to New York … ”Although there is a great difference: we almost always have more cops than protesters.”

The African-American Dinae Anderson, 15, a student from Harlem, has joined the sit-in/sleep-in with a pressing fear for the future hanging over her: “Every year you see how more and more doors close. We are being denied money for education, health, transport – for the most basic rights.”

The mention of Obama definitely touches a nerve in Bloombergville. Emma Smith, 22, a student of Political Science, and camping here with more than 20 other of the “Outraged,” does not hide the feeling of fraud: “I was among those who had hope for change, but change has not happened … We’re still in the hands of Wall Street and the warlords. The same people who caused the economic meltdown are the same ones sharing among themselves the millions while the people pay the bill. Obama, by his actions, has shown who he is with.”

Sleep out, Speak up, and fight against budget cuts“… That is refrain in two languages ??of the Outraged Ones who will join the popular protests June 22 at noon at the entrance to Wall Street: “Jobs for All”, “Protect Our Future”, “Make the rich pay !”…

The Indypendent — Bloombergville Lives: Consigned to a Sidewalk across from City Hall, Protesters Refuse to Give Up but Struggle to Increase Their Numbers

June 20 –

It’s 7 am on a Saturday morning and a row of sleeping bags wraps around the base of the Woolworth Building from Park Place onto Broadway. Covered from the elements by scaffolding, two dozen bleary-eyed campers (including this reporter) slowly wake up amid stacks of empty pizza boxes and a scattering of homemade protest signs.

Welcome to “Bloombergville”, a protest encampment launched on Tuesday June 14 to protest Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s efforts to cut hundreds of millions of dollars from vital government programs and services and lay-off thousands of city workers.

RT Television — Interview with Dee Knight: “The rich people are running roughshod over this country and Bloomberg is one of them.”

Dee Knight, spokesperson for New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts, speaks about Bloombergville on RT television ”People are hurting and we need to get this across and find a way to put effective pressure on Bloomberg that will force him to do the right thing… We’ll keep fighting until we get what we’re fighting for.”

Bloombergville starts its sixth day and momentum is building for our second week.  If you’re worried about fire stations closing, schools closing, healthcare and child care services being reduced or eliminated, and thousands of workers losing their jobs — Come and join us!

Rallies/public gatherings are happening every day 12pm and 6pm at Broadway and Park Place at the south end of City Hall Park.

Come for an hour or bring a sleeping bag to stay the night.  We’re not leaving until the budget is defeated!