Ted Kennedy

A 47 year old Mitt Romney challenges the seemingly invincible Ted Kennedy for his seat in the US Senate. At the time, Mitt Romney was about 20 points down in the polls and had to come out swinging, and that’s exactly what he did. Ted Kennedy masterfully deflected Romney’s attacks and contributed attacks of his own.

This is debate 1 of 2 of this Senatorial election. The 2nd debate was 2 days later on 10/27, and I also have that full debate uploaded as well (check my channel).

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  1. Nick Morgan says:

    Anything that happened 1 second ago is considered history. But yeah, you’re
    still old. 😉 😛

  2. Majid Munir says:

    thats a debate to learn from

  3. YetAnewViewer says:

    Probably, but he couldn’t have won the GOP nomination. So he just morphed
    into yet another Romney. It’s rebranding. It works for CEOs whose mission
    is to run an efficient profitable business and keep the shareholders happy.
    It’s disturbing when it’s about human policies. He has the CEO training
    when it comes to advertising though, as recent polls demonstrate. So he’ll
    sell himself to the country, get elected, but what he’ll do once in office
    is anyone’s guess…

  4. 10toria19 says:

    Mitt’s been running for any office for 22 years, every now and then,
    democracy fails and he gets lucky. Lets work to make sure that never
    happens again.

  5. Crimsonphilosophy says:

    Ted Kennedy drowned a woman, thats pretty tough on crime I guess. Romney:
    Totally a shape shifting politico.

  6. Aaron Roy says:

    It’s a healthcare mandate. A voucher system, essentially. You either opt
    for the public plan or you use the voucher to buy a private plan. Either
    way, you HAVE to buy health insurance. That is the whole point of the any
    form of universal health care.

  7. Ishtarmuz Ishtarmuz says:

    Romney was even saying then that government doesn’t create jobs, but I will
    bring jobs to the state. That he would privatize jobs, but give public
    health insurance. He would remove people from welfare ( maybe by getting
    them jobs at Domino’s?), but somehow save money when to remove them you
    have to train them and give expensive supportive services. He was just as
    contradictory and paradoxical back then. Except he was clearly pro-choice 🙂

  8. Crystal Fowler says:

    Lmao…At the cheer statement…lol.

  9. PatrickTX100 says:

    The Kennedy’s were the ultimate scumbags in politics. JFK had the mafia fix
    the 1960 election for him……Nixon really won it. He was a fraud, pure
    and simple. He came tragically close to bringing about a “nuclear winter”
    that might have destroyed the United States and other parts of the world.
    Also, he plunged America into the Vietnam war. If he hadn’t been
    assassinated, he wouldn’t have been a big deal. Ted Kennedy is a murderer
    and left a woman to drown in 1969.

  10. ChaosMew161 says:

    America’s a country, not a company.

  11. Dmoney792 says:

    Most of them.

  12. Michael Arana says:

    15:10 Romney flips a shit

  13. Julio Rosso says:

    What an idiot…

  14. Holy Moses says:

    JFK did cut taxes. Maybe if you weren’t so fascinated with his penis, you’d
    know that.

  15. americanman81 says:

    I was making a joke (while affirming that he wasn’t on the far left like
    Ted Kennedy).

  16. commodorefan2 says:

    Look at the hair on Romney…this debate helped sink his 2012 campaign.?

  17. optionsupdate says:

    Romney is awesome.?

  18. antisadism says:

    Romney was the Governor of Massachusetts and he LOST his own state.?

  19. George Splanco says:

    romney is a nasty polittcian, but how the hell does he look so good for 66
    years old.?

  20. michael reinmund says:

    Dim Witt Flip-Flop Mitt.?

  21. DemocraticGoddess says:

    Damn, I would like to bang Romney.
    He is so handsome.?

  22. CreoleLiveDoll says:

    LOL! I think him make Mitt real maaad.?

  23. Jonathan RODRIGUEZ ALMODOVAR says:

    fact checked this debate and TED THE DEADMAN KENNEDY LIED ABOUT EVERTHNG

  24. Alpha Shen says:

    These are professional politicians, look at the debate Idaho 2014, full of

  25. Yuri Ivanov says:

    Bane Capital? Sounds like something from Batman :)?

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