Steve Forbes

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports Steve Forbes predicts a Great Depression II.

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25 Comments on “Steve Forbes”

  1. Bill Reliz says:

    we are fucked!?

  2. JPMorganMustDie says:

    So the Club Fed says Ok, we’ve got a Gazillion Bazillion ounces of Gold,
    and No you can’t see it, and No we don’t allow Audits, trust me it’s their?

  3. Hueborn says:

    Okay, I’m in favor of greatly reducing Government involvement in business.
    Lets make it so all the rules involving IRS can fit on an index card.
    Simple flat tax rate. Lets ditch some Departments:
    Agriculture/education/energy/transportation. no DHS, FDA, TSA, and a
    variety of other 3 letter acronyms. Go ahead and put in the competition in
    currency act and legalize gold and silver as legal tender. Lets stop
    policing the world and secure our boarders. Have open and friendly trade
    with the rest of the world, and stop with all the over taxation and trade

    Oh man, were could we ever in a million billion years ever find a scholar
    of economics and the constitution to elect president and help bring about
    these absolutely necessary changes. If ever a man like that existed it
    would be a miracle in itself, much less him actually appearing on a ballot
    and running for president.

    Oh wait. I’m just talking about Ron Paul. He ran in 1988 as a libertarian.
    2008 and 2012 as a Republican, America said very clearly, “Fuck the United
    States we hate freedom and love Big Government, we want total destruction
    and we comepletly embrace socialism, burn the constitution.”

    I think we just need to proceed with that decision. I’ll be voting for
    Hillary myself, just to see what happens. Then again I’m self sufficient,
    so good luck faggots.?

  4. mouthpiece200 says:

    Not saying its not gonna happen, but I’ve been watching people like Chris
    say the economy was going to collapse six years now.?

  5. Michael Allen says:

    I am going to Mad Max it and sell water in the wasteland. I will be rich!?

  6. Nathaniel Deverell says:

    Bye Bye America…?

  7. Mr99RICH99 says:

    Chris do you realize that we had these same warnings 5 years ago
    ……every few months it’s ANOTHER warning and another warning …..this
    shits getting old and I’m no longer worried about his stuff anymore and
    neither should you ?

  8. Anastasia Jackson says:

    No surprise there, the Bilderberg group met last week. Every time they do,
    you best believe something is about to happen.

  9. Jack Frost says:

    The gold that was in Ft. Knox has been pilfered already. We paid a country
    with “gold” and they tested it bar by drilling a small hole in it and it
    was actually titanium. Titanium has a similar molecular weight and looks
    the same even after x-rays. This story was big on overseas news but never
    quite made it to CNN or Fox….surprise !!! Backing the money with gold
    will not work either……?

  10. ChiefClickClack says:

    Christopher is just Fear Mongering – the Jews will NEVER let America
    fail…the Jews at the Fed will save us all with more interest-bearing
    debt…we Americans also need to double-down with the Neo-Cons and Israel
    to invade Syria, Iran, and Eastern Ukraine…we must fight WWIII to secure
    marriage Rights for the transgenders and homosexuals in Russia…these are
    unavoidable FACTS, and all of you antisemites need to stop your HATE-SPEECH
    and RACISM and support a New Order for the world with a World Supreme Court
    and World Bank in Israel :)?

  11. savgal1211 says:

    We CANNOT ever go back to the Gold Standard.. It is impossible..?

  12. Edward Kelly says:

    Chris Green: Remember;the day before the 1929 stock market crash the stock
    market was skyrocketing at an all time high. So if we are seeing a
    skyrocketing stocks prepare for a fall. What comes up must come down.?

  13. Alfred Arreguin says:

    Great report Green please stay on this financial stuff stay away from the
    moronic theory conspiracy based stuff you also report on it makes you look
    really crazy. I was even really thinking of unsubscribing from you but this
    report reminded me how smart you are Thanks.?

  14. Donny Serpico says:
  15. electronicsNmore says:

    The stock market is a highly manipulated, artificially inflated pig. Anyone
    who thinks it should be where it is, or thinks that it should go higher,
    deserves to lose everything for being stupid. Same goes for the housing
    market. Love to see all these criminals exposed, hunted down, put on trial
    and hung.?

  16. Julie Turcios-Avila says:

    That’s why the Chinese are hoarding a lot of gold.

  17. brian kelly says:


  18. Shawner13 says:

    Its funny how people have been saying the economy will collapse for years
    and yet we are still here. The world economy and the economy of the US
    isn’t about to fall. its called the business cycle. Prosperity> recession>
    depression> recovery in an endless cycle. The US will come out of it
    again with a great economy once the world gets out of this depression.?

  19. Kidb23 says:

    Well I’m sure this has nothing to do with his book sales and marketing at
    all. Or the fact that he has large sums of precious metals invested in.
    Please notice the fact that all quotes in the articles come directly from
    Forbes’ writing and not his mouth. Anyone that consistently “foreshadows”
    collapse has already planned to profit from it. Wolf in sheep’s clothing.?

  20. Gary Wilson says:

    Christopher, We are LOVING your Hardhitting, HONEST reporting. I am an
    Alternative media host – for real – please contact me.?

  21. Scott Macdonald says:

    Its not a business cycle. Usa is in serious trouble due to the 17 tr debt?

  22. Veritas Rex says:

    Yes we heard it all before, but the real question is when will it happen.
    what will be the catalyst for the collapse . All the pundits have brought
    up all the different scenarios i.e. China hoarding gold, Russia turning its
    back on the petro dollar, soaring food and fuel prices, Obamacare Tax ,
    unemployment, Middle East turmoil , National Debt, State debt, City
    debt. Student loans, housing re collapse, exploding Government size and
    scope and the all popular polarization of the US population.?

  23. R riri says:

    I WAS a big fan of this guy, but he has been saying a lot of things were
    going to happen, but it hasn’t happen yet….?

  24. Karim Sanchez says:

    In the near future you will see housing prices soar with an average price
    of 300,000 to 350,000 Dollars plus , The Down will be over 20,000 , CEO’S
    will be making billions more , average rents will be 1800 Dollars a month
    plus , gas prices will be over 5 dollars a gallon . You know there is a
    very simple law of physics , what goes up must come down . All of a sudden
    it will all come down hard core and it will not be a nice picture . Not a
    matter of if but when . Not sure when but it will happen . The entire globe
    will be affected?

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