Ross Perot

Ross was right.

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  1. Dirk Talamasca says:

    *That Giant Sucking Sound*
    Giant Sucking Sound – Ross Perot 1992 Presidential Debate.flv?

  2. Mike Smullin says:

    They called Ross Perot crazy but now, 10 years later, it looks like he was
    right on the money about trade agreements and the economy.

  3. Philip Zyrski says:

    This was the good old days.?

  4. Igbo Anyanwu says:

    He was 100% on the mark, free trade is a loser for the middle class. ?

  5. Dale Modisette says:

    Uploaded on Dec 6, 2009
    Ross was right. ?

  6. Laerrus999 says:

    21 years later and Mr. Perot is still right.

    For once I wish we would elect a leader like Ross Perot, Dr. Milton
    Friedman or Dr. Thomas Sowell.?

  7. Ron Brown says:

    Ross Perot and Ron Paul are what honest men of good character act like.
    Men that use their mind and influence for good are becoming rare. They have
    been hunted out of season indiscriminately for ages..
    They deserve protection and support from the people whom they have fought
    and sacrificed gate portions of their life’s to protect.
    Everything these two men warned us about has come true. WTF more do you
    people want? More lies? More taken advantage of or are you all waiting fore
    a reach around?
    A career pollination is not a servant of the people. Only a power hungry
    moron would spend 100 times more than a job pays to land that job for a
    limited time.They get into office deploy their agendas placing key people
    and legislation that only deepen the plot of Americas demise. All the while
    they don’t go to bed hungry and cold or miss any sleep over your
    meaningless pathetic life but they love you. ?

  8. mrgalaxyman57 says:

    trolls everywhere.he was right.?

  9. Josh Pfaffenberger says:

    What a shame he didnt get elected.?

  10. DTanza says:

    Ross Perot and Ron Paul are both morons. That’s why third parties can’t
    win. It’s because they nominate morons.?

  11. Benny W says:

    None of the three would have been my ideal choice but Perot is my favorite
    of the three. Also does anyone else think the guy whop asked the question
    looks vaguely like Putin??

  12. rheechashaipu says:

    Well, let’s just go against anything regarding gains from trade. Let’s not
    allow Mexican workers a chance at competing because…for some non existent
    moral reason the American workers are automatically better picks??

  13. Zone Television says:

    This man was a light-bulb in a room full of cockroach’s .?

  14. Rex Racer says:

    Perot was the last President I voted for. NAFTA was George H.W. Bushs’
    brainchild, and Clinton put it into law. NAFTA caused all of our
    manufacturing losses to other countries. And now many politicians are
    pushing for the new NAFTA/CAFTA called the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership).
    We need to stop this dead in its tracks!!?

  15. Sattack210 says:

    Perot was right, but then again he was a businessman and the other were
    politicians backed by large parties… we all know stupidity always wins in

  16. orasis says:

    I remember this guy being demonized so bad, even in my magazines which was
    strange since I was like 11-12 at the time. They even mocked him in
    magazines made for people that couldn’t even vote lol. ?

  17. petefaders says:

    “Sending jobs overseas” Same shit different Millennium. ?

  18. Steve Giboney says:

    This man was right!?

  19. equimanthorn88 says:

    Zionist Occupied Government/territory is so corrupt and sick now it has to
    fall from within, no voting or democratic process can save this place – the
    stench reaches up to high heaven. We would need a National-Socialist
    dictator to fix this place up, and he would have to be brutal and willing
    to execute most of our “leaders” in the “elite”?

  20. Lance Charles says:

    Raise your hand if you heard the sucking sound. ?

  21. C. C. C says:

    Boy was Ross Perot ever right.. sigh..and people still don’t listen.?

  22. Peter Kennedy says:

    You were so right Mr Perot, they laughed at you then, they aint laughing

  23. Gary Torok says:

    More like a giant sucking sound going on a fast boat to China now. Twenty
    two years ago Ross P told us what we are experiencing today, And just look
    at the smug ass ILLUMINATE looks on the status quo president’s

  24. Muon Ray says:

    0:03 I forgot how creepy the Clinton Grin was. He’s like a glassy eyed
    wooden doll.?

  25. John Doe says:

    Bush and Klinton grinned when he said giant sucking sound cause they know
    he’s right.?

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