Mitt Romney

Jimmy asks Mitt Romney for his opinion of President Obama’s second term, and the two discuss the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

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Mitt Romney Weighs In on President Obama’s Second Term

25 Comments on “Mitt Romney”

  1. Badabada dabadaba says:

    haha USA best country on earth? is he retarded??

  2. Matt P says:

    How can people call him dumb? He’s one of the most intelligent people in
    our country. I also don’t understand how you think he is being a sore
    loser. You may not have the same values and beliefs as him but that does
    not make him stupid.?

  3. Joe Drager says:

    Here we have a class act. What we ended up with in the White House is an
    affirmative action buffoon.?

  4. iamlegend128 says:

    i laughed at “greatest nation in history”?

  5. VictoriaSLynn says:

    Ewww, why did you let him come on your show and lie? You’re slipping Jimmy.

  6. Madzho89 says:

    yeah spread that “freedom” by using guns and arms.?

  7. roxygurl202 says:

    After wat Obama has done with the nation. I’m thinking mitt could have done
    better. Smh?

  8. Nintyskid90 says:

    Romney’s got that president presence. Obama doesn’t. Just saying. By that I
    don’t mean that he’s better or worse than Obama. That’s a long topic. Lol?

  9. German Cruz says:

    i’m not sure if America is the greatest country in history. I’m not sure
    what are the pros and cons of the this country. I just live the way my life
    is according to. Not sure what is freedom or how we have more freedom then
    other countries. Not sure why we are the “best country” in the world. I
    don’t really care unless something effects me. I just want to have a good
    life but if something truly effects me, i will take action.?

  10. Jason Mcshark says:

    its funny how people stand by obama even though he has done nothing but run
    the country farther in the ground than its ever been, the majority of
    america now are selfish idiots who dont want to “offend” anyone unless you
    have different beliefs than them.?

  11. Ryan Burchett says:

    Mitt: Obamacare has not gone well.I don’t understand how something
    important to the president didn’t work out.
    Cpt. Obvious: Republicans have done nothing but block funding to everything
    and have sworn to insure that universal healthcare will fail.
    Mitt: Universal healthcare isn’t popular.
    Capt. Obvious: Obama got voted in twice on universal healthcare. You hang
    out with rich people. Rich people are a low percentage of this population
    not the majority.
    Mitt: I was gonna cut taxes for myself so that the economy would get better.
    Capt. Obvious: Rich people don’t spend the majority of their disposable
    income so the multiplier effect never takes place on that money and
    therefore lowering taxes on the rich doesn’t help anybody below the rich
    people tax bracket. Duh.
    Mitt: I don’t understand, Capt. Obvious.
    Capt. Obvious: We know. that’s why you’re not president.?

  12. Playamaza says:

    USA the greatest nation in the world? You ‘mericans are too funny?

  13. Libby_W says:

    I’m definitely going to watch this! Mitt Romney is a cool guy!?

  14. Kailey Alves says:

    I probably would have fallen for Romney if Ron Paul was not there during
    debates to make him look like just another corrupt politician.?

  15. Sailor1010 says:

    Yeah but he’s a Mormon…?

  16. John Matte says:

    Romney even SOUNDS like a President. Obama um not uh… so uhhhhh…. much.

  17. froochie123 says:

    I pretend Romney won. Obama is bumbling dope compared in comparison. Its
    a damned shame.?

  18. Arend Vogel says:

    Greatest nation ever on Earth ever? That would be Greece around 500 BC.

  19. 1990SuperGeek says:

    Ron Swanson 2016?

  20. FlutterBOSS says:

    Say what you want about Romney. The fact is he is Mr. Fix-It. And Obama…
    the Great Exacerbater. Sensationalism trumped common sense. I guess that’s
    just America’s curse. ?

  21. Bruce Marlon says:

    It seems half of America don’t even though when they’re being helped, all
    us other countries like England, Australia, Canada watch as you attack the
    President who is rebuilding from the Rubble that was left by George Bush,
    and at every opportunity (even if its for the better of
    the U.S.A) the Republicans attempt to stop Obama goals, what is sad Obama
    has a done a great deal of good that will positively affect the country in
    a decade or so, and than the half that is ripping him apart presently will
    thank who ever is in power for what Obama is doing now.?

  22. fxita says:

    Bieber 2016?

  23. Cyin Wong says:

    We may disagree with Mitt on political issues, but one thing we can never
    disagree is that he is a genuine person who loves his country, people and
    family so dearly!?

  24. WhatAreYouBuyen says:

    Romney sounds so much smarter ?

  25. fopperer says:

    greatest country in the world? usa? greatest? usa? world? usa??

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