John Hancock

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This is part 1. Part 2 can be viewed here:

Chuck Van Pelt of RecycledGamer visits the classic video game collection of John Hancock.

John is one of the organizers of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo (PRGE) and he was kind enough to invite us into his Longview, Washington home after his preventive care (Brain Floyd) session to interview him about his incredible collection of classic video games.

25 Comments on “John Hancock”

  1. SuperGatorfan1 says:

    Thats insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not worthy. Love watching peoples
    collection videos. Sega Genesis kicks ass.

  2. Marty Martinez says:

    Classic gamers are some of the coolest people in the world!!

  3. Hydroxoid says:

    This puts the angry video game nerd to shame

  4. WestCoastGamer219 says:

    its like pete dorr had a baby with fin gamer O.o

  5. RetroGamesDontStop says:

    great video…

  6. I06I0 says:

    what song is that ? 0:04

  7. eternalretrogaming says:

    >>throwing video games away If I were religious, this would be a cardinal

  8. R43D4TI0N says:

    really ?!

  9. greencoman says:

    Awesome collection. The thing that makes the most jealous is he started
    collecting before this whole Ebay make me rich, my atari must be worth the
    price of a house mentality. Regardless it still took work awesome

  10. SomeTotalRandom says:

    music is too loud

  11. Vtecification says:

    very badass collection but theres now way I would sacrifice my garage

  12. Lacey Star says:

    geesh! nice stash man! check out “the Game Chasers”. Their youtube channel
    is captain8bit lots of awesome finds and some pretty great collections!

  13. SeGaSaTuRn1994 says:

    cant beleive people throw out old game stuff its very sad indeed nice

  14. Doommaster1994 says:

    Funny since there was a video game musician named John Hancock.

  15. GrantSmithBass says:

    Snatch-er….from a pawn store. Ha !!

  16. Clerklord says:

    What the Music in the intro?

  17. kitakevo says:

    pacman 😛

  18. tony davis says:

    yeah john sega rocks bro me to

  19. gamesyouloved says:

    Awesome collection – just like a dream! – would love to see more and more
    of this in the UK! Thanks GamesYouLoved..please sub our channel for
    RetroGaming news in the UK 😀

  20. JBOTTSIOWA says:

    Thrift stores around me are fucking scam artists, they want $50 for a
    broken ps1 with no cables, $60 for a ps2 with no disc tray.

  21. Allen Tate says:

    you must be in bakersfield

  22. JBOTTSIOWA says:

    Houston/Katy Texas!

  23. BrainHack says:

    He was so shy before Metal Jesus?

  24. hisoka1138 says:

    damn 200 boxed nes games for free damn this guys got the best luck in video
    game collecting?

  25. Conkerdeath says:

    “in the wild”

    “what does that mean?”

    Are you fucking kidding me??

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