John F. Kennedy

This 1964 documentary, narrated by Cliff Robertson, paints an intimate portrait of President Kennedy during his all-too-brief 46-year life.

What makes this program a little more special than other similar documentaries (IMO) is the fact that it was made very shortly after JFK’s death, which occurred in November 1963. The very good music score by David Rose is also an asset.

Author Jim Bishop, who wrote two books about JFK, makes an appearance near the end of this film to talk about some of his personal experiences with President Kennedy. Bishop’s commentary provides a touching climax to this very good documentary.

The original title of this film is simply “JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY”.

©1964 Art Lieberman Productions
©1982 Official Films, Inc.

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  1. C. Middleton says:

    I can’t say thank you enough; I’ve searched for this for ages. I only found
    your channel today; what a treasure trove of film, again thanks so much for
    uploading so much history.

  2. David Von Pein's JFK Channel says:

    Thank you, C. Middleton.

  3. rtornellort says:

    Thanks for not ‘sining by silence’. You keep a piece of our history readily
    available to the public not easily found so they can judge for themselves.

  4. aproachingzero says:

    thank you so much fro your help. i used this information for a school paper
    and cited appropriately. so great you uploaded this video. many thanks.

  5. Hitman4703 says:

    Thank you so much you made me get an A+ on my report i was searching 3hr
    and i did not find anything but when i found u i was impreesed thank you so
    much u helped me whit my english report?

  6. aproachingzero says:

    Whose the producer i might ask?

  7. aproachingzero says:

    PLease reply asap i need the info?

  8. Chloe Lin says:

    Many thanks for the uploading.?

  9. allamakee1397 says:

    Subsequent history has revealed most of these public appearances of Kennedy
    where proceded or followed by a sexual encounter with whoever was at hand.
    If no one was around he always had “Fiddle & Faddle” back at the office.
    Couple that with daily massive drug injections by “Dr. Feelgood” and we
    have a true look at the Kennedy years. Anyway I enjoyed the video if for no
    other fact than it didn’t include the head shot in Dallas.

    To give you some idea how messed up the whole Kennedy clan was, — when
    they told Rose Kennedy that Jackie O had died, Rose asked “Was Teddy

  10. David Garcia says:

    Thanks for uploading this.?

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