George Washington

The discovery of the ruins of George Washington’s childhood home reveals the man behind the myth. Expedition Week :

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  1. Paul Martin says:

    #Presidents Day #USA #GeorgeWashington?

  2. Jimmy. Jay says:

    The things that Washington predicted and warned us not to do have all
    happened . Told us to stay neutral , we go to war with almost every major
    first world countries. Told us to follow isolationism , we go out and fuck
    up the rest of the world. In my view he is the best president we had and
    will ever have . ?

  3. mabellehardie says:

    This is a bunch of baloney written by men who are Godless and uninformed.
    Go to the Library of Congress and read the truth. Infuriates me.
    Marxists get out of America!!?

  4. Joe Washington says:

    they did bash, george a bit, but still they told many of the “cool” things
    about him.?

  5. sonny corbi says:

    Thank you much – enjoyed it -?

  6. john dellatto says:

    I was wondering why this was rated so bad until I listened to the intro.
    They gave no undertone to bashing Washington. “No one knows the REAL story
    of how he was a terrible leader and tactician.” Yet his soldiers wrote
    about how godly he was and that he dominated the british who were the
    biggest super power in the world at the time? Makes no fucking sense. Eat
    shit Nat geo.?

  7. Hector Velez says:

    America’s first president? He was The U.S.A’s first president. America is
    two continents with many counties stretching from Canada to Argentina. Nat.
    Geo. should know better but obviously they haven’t changed much from it’s
    early 20th century mentality.?

  8. Mike Wilson says:

    Borderline hit piece. It’s well documented that William (Billy) Lee was
    quite possibly his best friend and also his personal slave. Washington
    treated his slaves quite well and allowed them to sell fruits and vegetable
    for their own personal gain. He also refused to let slave families be
    broken apart.?

  9. Matt Biden says:

    Leftist garbage, he still beat the worlds most powerful country at that
    time. To pave the way for a new empire.

    Also he was shot 6 times.?

  10. Jonathan Jean-Louis says:

    **Rages loud** George Washington was an awesome general and an awesome
    president. Fuck you National Geographic. You betrayed me. I thought you
    were based. ?

  11. George Penwell says:

    Even these leftist pricks, tried as they did, could not diminish Mr.
    Washington’s greatness. They attempted to portray him as a racist and
    politicize his freeing his slaves upon his death. I don’t think for one
    minute his freeing his slaves in his will had anything to do with his
    trying to manipulate his historical image. If that was true he certainly
    didn’t need to include having them educated as well.
    They also neglected the fact that he was the ONLY president in history to
    have 100% of the electoral vote and advised AGAINST partisanship and having
    separate “parties” believing that it would not be beneficial to the
    citizenry. Not to mention his policy of staying the fuck out of foreign
    wars while maintaining mutually beneficial commerce and relations with
    foreign countries, especially Britain, who had every cause to hate us after
    we won the war but didn’t. Much left out of this film. ?

  12. Bill Prueter says:

    This is sad. Statements made which are meant to guarantee assent by the
    listener merely by the act of saying it. Generalship- we won the war,
    standard he created to try to prevent the Presidency from becoming
    worshiped, a willingness to come out of retirement to face a potential
    French threat and then simply return to his farm when the crisis passed.
    It just seems stuff like this is an attempt by those who make it to
    improve their own standing.?

  13. Onslaught126 says:

    This is bullshit propaganda to make you guys ignorant to history, I hope
    you guys realize that. If you make a nation ignorant to it’s people and
    leaders history you disarm them because history is a very important study.
    It’s a navigation device to be used in the future to help a population make
    better decisions, to get a better feel with the cause and effect of certain
    circumstances a nation might find it’s self in. But all you get on TV
    history documentaries now is straight bullshit, they reverse good and evil.
    They straight up lie and try to destroy good men’s character and make them
    cheesy boring and oppressive sounding. If they do that then you won’t have
    good examples to follow later, they simply make tyrants like Abraham
    Linclon look good so future leaders can do similar oppressive things and
    you think “well AB done it so it must be alright, no worries”. Study your
    selves don’t buy this crap, it’s lies meant to do you harm after they make
    you ignorant of the truth. Hopefully I’ve left this comment in a way that
    it make sense to you guys.?

  14. Mrpachuko13 says:

    Also it the video says that Washington was fighting side by side with
    British soldiers. Why? If Britain was the enemy.?

  15. jaboa jump says:

    What kills Washington as a man is that he held slaves furthermore he lived
    in the age like we do today where we have a bible…What a sad statement
    had the founding fathers listened to Ben Franklin who advised them to deal
    with the issue and dump it now look at today…I could have we all could
    have been great men had we been able to own humans.?

  16. Don Sanders says:

    CRASS. ?

  17. Valverities says:

    How does a horrible tactician win a revolutionary war against more numerous
    forces? Wow, guess he was just lucky then, LMAO. Is this the kind of junk
    revisionist history they teach children in schools these days??

  18. Kevin Bryant says:

    ask the Hessians at Trenton if he was a ‘poor tactician’. lol ask
    Cornwalis at Yorktown. they would disagree.?

  19. Mitchal Nosekabel says:

    +Kevin Bryant
    If you would have watched it you would have seen that they showed how he
    was (at least how they believe) they talk of how he over came massive
    amounts of troubles he went through,to become the man he was. they really
    only say that he was a poor field commander but was great at deception and
    knowledge of the land which is part of commanding (they say basically that
    deception and cunning maneuvers won him the war) again they say that he was
    only poor at commanding troops on the frontline(but was very courageous
    while on the front). The Intro is the harshest part of the documentary,
    many will argue his stance on slavery which I personally do believe he
    supported but this issue while as terrible as It sounds to say now, is
    comparable to gay marriage or the use of marijuana now(some support it,
    some don’t)?

  20. Cole Fortier says:

    Murdering Town Lol!?

  21. Gustavo Ceron says:

    what a fucken Hypocrite…. ” I want to be remember as a good men im aware
    of the sin of being a slave owners, so i asked that all my slaves be freed
    but not until my death and my wife’s death were no longer we would required
    the free work of the slaves” lol this was a good men but only for the white

  22. deaconsmom2000 says:

    Virginia gentry? We *have* no gentry in the U.S. and I for one don’t want
    gentry in the U.S., that was sort of the point of the Revolution (in a
    very, very loose interpretation).?

  23. ScottnMarieBFF says:

    Nice character assassination! Assumptions all over this…some would argue
    “the GOD of truth” to be a liar and convince many. I will not
    explain…THINK for yourself and see how this could be! THINK THINK THINK!?

  24. dlwatib says:

    So the myth needs to be revised to “I cannot tell a lie, my slave Frank did

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