Andrew Jackson

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24 Comments on “Andrew Jackson”

  1. ItsMeBrielle98 says:

    This was so BORING. I only have to watch this for US History 1 ?

  2. Bushido Brown says:

    He’s like a political white Mike Tyson. He had a lot to hate about him, but
    he was a stone cold son of a bitch and a man not to be fucked with. I can’t
    help but respect his conviction and dedication, even if he was a pretty
    fucked up guy.?

  3. Stranded in Utah says:

    Anyone else catch the use of Johny Horton’s “Battle of New Orleans” after
    the section on the war of 1812. My mom had that record, I loved that son
    when I was little.?

  4. the beauty part says:

    Quentin Tarantino needs to make a movie about Andrew Jackson.?

  5. paul zuspan says:

    if we had more men like him we would not be where we are today. We would
    not be tax slaves. He was the only one to run the bankers out of government
    in our history. Why can’t we find another Jackson to set us free?

  6. Elaine Jenkins says:

    Andrew Jackson was one of the most treasonous presidents America has ever
    had. He did more toward the destruction of America than any other
    president.. When he brought down America’s sovereign national federal bank
    that Alexander Hamilton set up he was acting in the interest of a foreign
    power, and he paved the way for federal reserve to be established, which
    isn’t federal, it is a privately owned foreign bank. The international
    bankers used the federal reserve to take over the control of America’s
    money system. There has been so much propaganda about Andrew Jackson
    portraying him as a patriot, and covering up his treachery against America.
    If Americans really knew the truth about Andrew Jackson they would
    despise him.?

  7. ASTR0WIG says:

    The clothing in this documentary, particularly in the scenes depicting
    everyday life (less so formal occaisions) make the early 19th c. look
    excessively like the era around 1900. Jackson’s time had a more 18th c.
    feel. Costumers should have payed more attention to authentic jacket shape,
    cravats, tighter-fitting or more shapely trousers, greater prevalance of
    knee-breeches & much else besides. Just look at engravings and paintings
    from the period between about 1790-1840. Older documentaries (e.g. 1980s &
    ’90s) did not churn out 5th-rate movies scenes but rather used art &
    documents for visual effect. Far better.?

  8. VersusARCH says:

    He was simply a radical nationalist-populist. Like Ceasar, Napoleon,
    Hitler, Mussolini… Except that he had no strong rivals or neighbors to
    crush him.?

  9. bennmurray25 says:

    This is Liberal garbage used to promote white guilt. Jackson died a poor
    man. Nice try PBS which is funded by the Federal Gov’t. ?

  10. STEVEFINN says:

    i cant see how people respect this man when he planted the very seeds that
    will bring about the downfall of your country, its fair to say your country
    would of taken a different path though the path he put it on has the cancer
    of slavery still growing within, he was a complete bastard, yes he was a
    hardman and brutal though as we are now seeing, this attitude is making the
    rest of the world hate you and turn away from you,. your rotten at the
    core… sorry .?

  11. Mistermax30 says:

    Jackson was a god. Fuck the whiney Injuns…?

  12. MacNutz2 says:

    There are some glaring crimes of omission in this. One of the more glaring
    is the fact that President Monroe strongly implied, without saying it
    directly, that Florida was ripe for the taking. Which is was.
    While his primary order was to protect settlers in Georgia and Alabama by
    pursuing cross border raiders across the Florida Alabama border to push the
    Seminole south, away from the American border.
    The orders, in Monroe’s hand, told Jackson that he would no doubt discover
    another more important opportunity when he arrived in Florida.

    Monroe played politics and let Jackson take outrage while assigning John
    Quincy Adams, then a cabinet minister to defend and assist Jackson. The
    congress never censored Jackson. Florida was eventually ceded by the
    Spanish for financial considerations.

    I’m not a huge fan of Jackson but this documentary has problems.?

  13. MacNutz2 says:

    Had Jackson been around during the American Civil war, he would have been a
    Union man. He demonstrated that very clearly.

    But that does not make him a good guy. Ignoring the supreme court and
    forcing the Cherokee to give up their land and homes and businesses to
    thieves and to march all the way to Oklahoma, killing many thousands, can
    not be forgotten.

    There is no excuse for it, it was pure land greed As well as taking on the
    life styles, farming, and business practices of the whites, many were
    Christian by the time of the Trail of Tears horror. It was pure greed and
    racism. No excuse.?

  14. Heather S says:

    Like all Americans…a complicated man. ?

  15. Gary Gray says:

    .Jackson stomped the shit outta the bloodsckin Jews.Put those leaches in
    their place.He was the Greatest President this country has ever had.Lincoln
    and Kennedy would have been just as Great but the Jew Banks had them both
    Killed..the Federal Reserve is going to be taken over soon.The USA is
    waking up to the Thievery these Jews are getting away with. DEATH TO THE
    JEW FEDERAL RESERVE!!!!!!!!!!1….?

  16. Michelle Onuorah says:

    Slavery aside, the Trail of Tears is one of the darkest stains on the sins
    of this country and Andrew Jackson’s name and reputation should forever be
    marred by such an atrocious form of oppression. I understand that he was a
    complicated man and in no way was completely evil but that act, driven by
    pure greed, racism, and a blatant refusal to respect other human beings
    cannot, and should not, be ignored.?

  17. megalegozero says:

    My history teacher made us watch this over spring break..?

  18. getredytagetredy says:

    Andrew Jacksons intent was to keep America out of the hands of the evil
    banking family of the English Rothschilds…Any injustice done by Jackson
    was for this and only this reason.The Rothschilds ,who owned the bank of
    England-started the war of 1812-to sieze our central bank to sell money
    back to the govt. at usury interest which is a crime in itself. They
    finally succeded in 1913-and that is exactly why the world is all fucked up
    with war—because they control the money thru the evil liar name of
    “federal reserve” which its niether…?

  19. Danny Nugent says:

    We should admire him?

  20. whitesky18 says:

    Who decided to put this asshole’s face on the $20 bill??

  21. Thomas Argon says:

    Andrew Jackson was a racist a bigot and altogether a piece of shit. A self
    important, hypocrite who laid down a foundation of immoral existence from
    which sprung forth the hypocritical failing state that is America. Even the
    blood of such virtuous, noble men like Abraham Lincoln could not wash away
    the taint of base immorality, greed and folly of this nation. ?

  22. saulpaulus says:

    Jackson, in some ways, was like Reagan. He, at various times, had the
    support of the very people he hurt the most. The cherokee people helped him
    into power, but he betrayed them. The common people thought of him as their
    president and yet his destruction of the Bank of the US and opposition to
    internal improvements hurt their lives.

    For all Jackson’s opposition to the Nullifiers, his policies propped up the
    elite planter class that led the South into disunion a generation later. In
    every way, he slowed the march of progress. Atrocious? Yes. Saint? Not so

  23. Josh Brastad says:

    He and Polk were Hitler’s favorite Presidents?

  24. jenn faire says:

    (Andrew Jackson) is a God!

    (Michael Jackson) is a Pedophile!?

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