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“Former Vice President Al Gore spoke at the Southland conference today and addressed the information about NSA revealed by Edward Snowden. And even though he believes Snowden violated the law, Gore also charged that what the NSA did was “way more serious” a crime than anything Snowden did to release information about those things to the public.

Gore rejected the question of whether Snowden’s a patriot or a traitor as an overly simplistic one (Are you listening, NBC?), but admitted, “if you set up a spectrum, okay, I would push it more away from the traitor side.”

And Gore didn’t deny that Snowden broke the law by doing what he did; he argued it’s simply a matter of perspective.” “* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more here from Josh Feldman / Mediaite:

25 Comments on “Al Gore”

  1. Darryn Johnston says:

    First …?

  2. phantomplasmaapple says:

    I am a god.?

  3. olbear303 says:

    Thank you for the internet Mr. Gore?

  4. MilitantAntiTheist says:

    But you know if Al Gore were to become President, he would continue to
    support the corporate state, do nothing about Wall Street or the banking
    industry, nothing about climate change, continue to deregulate and
    privatize, would suddenly go after people like Snowden, all while being
    called a Communist Marxist radical by the right wing propaganda machine
    every step of the way.?

  5. Listenbuddy1 says:

    Al Gore is a violation.?

  6. PandaLeeGames says:

    Al Gore is taking this issue super cereal. Super cereal.

    I’m glad he took the time out of his ManBearPig hunting to speak.?

  7. Neko Yuki says:

    Did Cenk just say Al Gore should run for president without actually saying

  8. duo1666 says:

    Is Al Gore the guy that pretty much ruined any validity global warming will
    ever have by completely fucking it up and basing his findings off of
    unscientific data??

  9. 1140Cecile says:

    I’d certainly prefer Al Gore as the Democratic nominee for president in
    2016 over Hillary.?

  10. Tanaka Adria says:

    Al gore hit the nail on the head.Snowden did commit a crime but like self
    defence he done a crime to prevent a greater crime?

  11. Desmond Akkari says:

    Wow, do politicians get sane after they leave office????

  12. Sion Nois says:

    He’s a hero.
    A hero refers to characters who, in the face of danger and adversity or
    from a position of weakness, display courage and the will for
    self-sacrifice—that is, heroism—for some greater good of all humanity.?

  13. Rockownz5150 says:

    Impeach Obama!?

  14. bulg7430 says:

    Al gore has violated laws and the constitution many times! He should be
    arrested and put on trial. Capital punishment should be considered for
    him!! He isn’t the only one though. Snowmen is a hero, and a patriot!! ?

  15. bigraviolees says:

    OK Hillary this is where you back the fuck out and recommend AL?

  16. Zombified Knight says:

    he still a greedy douchebag who can choke on is carbon tax….?

  17. TheeAsth matic says:

    #GoreMoreYears ?

  18. TheOriginalNightHawk says:

    Is he super cereal??

  19. Piriathy says:

    I think Gore gave the perfect response. It IS easy to say that those
    ‘revealing info is treason’ laws are bullshit b/c they are probably only in
    place to punish whistleblowers but there ARE instances where revealing info
    could just be harmful and not justified like w/ Snowden and Manning. So
    yeah, I guess it is important to acknowledge that those laws do have *some*
    legitimate purpose and it’s right to acknowledge that he did commit a crime
    (even if it was for all the right reasons and only good has come from it).?

  20. sprybug says:

    It’s funny how people who are no longer locked into the political zoo tend
    to be more honest.?

  21. gregfox says:

    Haha, good one Cenk. Nobody takes Al Gore seriously. He’s a giant joke

  22. RBATOR1986 says:

    He’s super-serial………?

  23. fantasy0coach says:

    There’s no point revealing this hidden treachery to the US people
    when most turn a blind eye to worse treachery in front of their face in
    broad daylight.?

  24. Z200a says:

    Al Gore was once going to be president, but then five conservative
    Republicans on the US Supreme Court decided to throw out the election and
    choose the winner themselves. They threw out 100 million votes so they
    could pick the Republican.

    We paid a huge price: 8 years of Bush / Cheney, two disasterous wars,
    torture, police state policies, massive debt, huge tax breaks for the
    ultra-rich, and hundreds more conservative judges on federal courts. The
    whole course of history was changed because of 5 Republicans on the Supreme

    I hope Gore runs again some day.?

  25. John Edwards says:

    Of all the bullshit excuses for bashing Obama that conservatives parade out
    here, HERE is one that is completely valid, and they just WON’T speak up
    against the government. The NSA spying is the one real scandal, but the
    problem is conservatives love, Love, LOVE it.?

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